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    Top 5 Destinations Where You Must Take Your Parents on a Vacation!

    Varanasi, Family Trips, Travel Destination for Family Trips

    Someone has rightly said, ‘When we’re so busy growing up, that we often forget that they’re also growing old.’

    Time passes, memory fades. But, there are a few things which remain static & grow stronger with every passing day. One of the most important relationship, it is a parent-child relationship!

    In this post, I will share the ‘Top 5 Destinations where you must take your parents on a vacation’ in India. So, if you’re planning to go on a trip or just the thought struck to your mind to take your parent on a vacation, go ahead & plan it thoroughly! I’m sure; nothing could be more delightful for them than seeing your effort to bring a smile on their faces. Also, I would be extremely happy to know if this post could be instrumental in planning out the trip.

    1. Varanasi: A trip to the India’s most Atmospheric city.
    Varanasi, Family Trips, Travel Destination for Family Trips
    Varanasi, Family Trips, Travel Destination for Family Trips

    This city captivates everyone’s attention be it a well-trodden traveller or an amateur traveller. Varanasi, the religious city of India is also known as ‘Benares’ and ‘Kashi’. The city Varanasi is a little chaotic, frantic & unique in its own way.

    Varanasi Travel
    Image Courtesy- www.guiddoo.com

    The first thing which evokes up in the mind after listening ‘Varanasi’, is Bank of Ganges River, Ganga Aarti, & Saints (Sadhus) in colourful attire. The bank of the river is sidelined by more than 100 Ghats but, the Dashawamedha Ghat observes throng of pilgrims & the local crowd throughout the year. Experience the most magnificent sunset with your parents at Dashaswamedh Ghat in the form of a Ganga Aarti, which is performed by the groups of priests. During the Aarti, the Ghat fills with the sound of mantra chants, aroma of incense sticks & flowers, mini-earthen lamps floating on the river bank and, unshattering tranquillity.

    Also, Varanasi observes rich cultural heritage; the city holds many classical music conferences, literary meet ups & more. If your parents hold an interest in any form of cultural subject, Varanasi is the city to explore. You may find the city, chaotic & disorganized, but it has a unique charm & flavour.

    Things to do

    1. Witness the magnificent Ganga Aarti on Dashaswamedh Ghat
    2. Take a Boat trip along the river
    3. Amble down the Ghats (more than 100 Ghats) to soak your soul in the spiritual spirit of Benares (Varanasi)
    4. Visit to temples to quench your spiritual thirst, such as Vishwanath Temple, Sarnath, Tilebhandeshwar (Shiva Temple), Durga Temple, Sankatmochan Temple, Tulsimanas Temple & more.
    5. Buy the world famous silk fabric, also referred as Benarasi Saree
    6. Flatter your taste bud with sumptuous & authentic Bengali desserts of Varanasi.
    7. Attend a music conference or festival in Varanasi to learn the culture.

    Best Season to Travel:  October to March (Winter Season)


    1. A Scenic long trip to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun & Musoorie.

    Well, you couldn’t regret the choice of a long trip with your family covering Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun & Musoorie. The captivating scenic beauty starting from Haridwar to Mussoorie can be covered in 2 hours 45 min (Distance is approx. 87 km).

    A Map View-


    Haridwar travel
    Image Source- forum.skyscraperpage.com

    Haridwar, the holiest city of Uttrakhad is located at the point where the Ganges emanates from the Himalaya. The city invites pilgrims from various part of the country to take a dip in the flowing holy river of Ganga at Hark-ki-paudi ghat. The city of Haridwar is very enchanting & exuberant; one can find an assemblage of street hawkers & small stores near the ghat selling wonderful handmade gift items & ornaments. Take your parents to one of the mainstream Ghats to experience the sunrise & the sunset at the Ganga river. The Ghat looks picturesque when thousands of earthen lamps float in the flowing river as offered by pilgrims. This is a place to must experience.

    Image Source-guiddoo.com                     

    Rishikesh: Distance between Haridwar & Rishikesh is 25 km by road. Many autos & buses run frequently covering the distance in 30 min. Rishikesh, located at the foothill of Himalayas, is also referred as ‘Yoga Capital of the World’ having a multitude of yoga ashrams & meditation centers. Many people travel to Rishikesh from different part of the world to seek spiritualism. The preparation for Ganga Arti starts with the sunset, the entire surroundings in Rishikesh gets enveloped in the spiritual essence. The ringing temple bells & lightened lamps hold all the senses & pacifies soul of everyone. Spend some time on Lakshaman Jhula & Ram jhula to appreciate the pristine holy river the Ganga.

    Note: Rishikesh is also considered as a paradise for white water rafting, other water sports, Travelers Hangout & , Gateway to trek in the Himalaya.

    Image Source- cntraveller.in

    Dehradun & Mussorie: After rejoicing the spiritual peace in Haridwar & Rishikesh with your family, you must pack your bag to explore the scenic landscape & hills of Dehradun & Mussorie. Musoorie is also known as ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, one of the favourite destinations for families & honeymooners. The weather is extremely pleasant during summers, while winters are very cold. The view of DoonValley from the peak of Mussoorie hills is heart warming. It looks as if the blanket of mist has covered entire Doon Valley in white & green cover. Dehradun & Mussoorie are generally crowded in the summers. But, it’s a worthy destination to travel with family.

    Best Season to take a trip on the entire stretch-February, March, & April


    1. Enchanting colourful town of Puducherry

    Your parents would thank you for choosing the beautiful Puducherry for a family trip. Mark my words!

    Image Source- Foresquare


    Capturing the Magnificent Sunrise at Promenade Beach


    This place has always been a favourite spot for tourists, be it any age group & gender. The small & enchanting town of Puducherry has a unique set up & taste; visit this town to experience the beauty of Promenade beach, tantalizing coastal cuisine, Magnificent French architecture, grand boulevards, and the spiritual heritage. Read here to know more.

    Puducherry never seizes to surprise tourists with a unique encounter of peace amid the storm. One would be surrounded by many tourists, but away from all hustle & bustle of daily life. You must take your parents to Aurobindo meditation centre to observe pin drop silence around you. Followed by a walk on the Promenade Beach at evening hours. Also, you must visit Auroville which is 15 km from the town of Puducherry.

    Things to do : Read here

    Best Season to Travel– October to February. (Winter Season)


    1. Gift a stay to your parents in the Tea Estate of Munnar

    Visit to Munnar in ‘God’s own country’ to unfold the beauty of the queen of hill stations. Munnar is a scenic hill station town located in the Idduki district in the southwestern Indian state of Kerela.

    If your parents love Nature and are ardent tea lovers, pin down to Munnar; the real jewel in the crown of Kerela. The strip of green, lush land squeezed between Arabian Sea & the enchanting hill of Western Ghat; the mighty land of Kerela is enchanting & welcoming.

    A Map View


    Image Source- inspired-tours.com

    The nearest railway station to reach Munnar is Ernakulam (Kochi), it takes approx. 4 hrs (132 km) to reach to Munnar from Ernakulam. You can either board a bus (Public transportation) or drive down own car.

    To experience the beauty of true Munnar, live amid the Tea plantation. There are many resorts which offer tourists to live amid the plantation & soothe eyes with the green, lush plantation. Stay with your parents to have this unique experience. Spot a room facing tea plantation, go for a morning walk & relish a morning cup of tea (Munnar special) with your family.

    Things to do

    • Stay amid the tea plantation.
    • Take a walk to the town to explore the sea of trees & plantation.
    • Visit to Church on a Sunday to experience.
    • Buy fresh Species & Tea leaves for your home.
    • Enjoy the splashing water streams as it is surrounded by the mighty mountains of Western Ghat
    • Visit to the Eravikulam National Park to see Nilgiri Tahr.
    • Visit to the Echo Point & photo point
    • Experience Elephant Safari.

    Best Season to Visit:  October – March


    5. A Visit to the Scotland of India

    Take a family trip to the ‘Scotland of India’, popularly known as Madikeri. Lost yourself amid the enchanting aroma of coffee, fragrance of cardamom, black pepper & honey and the holy river Cauvery.

    What could be a better family trip than this!

    Scenic beauty of Mandalpatti


    Madikeri is 300 km away from Bangalore, can be travelled either through a bus or a personal car (both seater & sleeper buses are available). Read here to know more.

    Things to do

    1. Visit to Mandalpatti which is 30km away from Madikeri en route to Abbey Falls. This is one of the most scenic spots in Madikeri.
    2. Take a walk in the coffee Plantation & savor fresh brewed coffee.
    3. Watch the enthralling sunrise & sunset in Rajaseat.
    4. Visit to the Monasteries in Byllakuppe. Click to know more.
    5. After visiting Rajaseat, have your breakfast in a hotel called Mayura Valley (1.5 km from Rajaseat), I would recommend you to go to their restaurant & sit while facing hills & relish coffee & pakoras. (One of my favourite spots in Madikeri to hangout)
    6. Amble down the roads to sooth your inner self & experience the beauty of the small hill town.
    7. Relish Coorg cuisine.
    While soaking the beauty of Madikeri


    Best Season to Visit: September to April

    Well, this is not a complete list. Soon, I would update more destinations for a perfect family trip so that you have umpteen choices to spend some great time with your parents. Well, let me remind you in advance, Mother’s Day is around the corner i.e. 8th May. Gift your precious time to your mom & father & take a trip to witness the beauty of our country.

    Now go ahead & book the tickets!



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