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    7 People You Must Avoid While Traveling!

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    If you’ve landed on this blog post, I’m sure you’re on the way to plan up your next trip. Excited? Yayyy… emoticons

    But Wait! … If you’re planning for a group trip, you should be very careful about the selection of people. There are certain people who royally sabotage trip objective, excitement and team traveling experience.

    Here, I would share 7 human traits, which can be extremely annoying & agitating for group dynamics. Hope you this article helpful and save yourself from being vexed!

    Here it goes!

    1. Annoying Couples 

    I don’t advocate against going to trip with couples, but those who couldn’t conform with social etiquette are really annoying.


    Recently, I went to Sakaleshpur, located in Karnataka, with a group for trekking. I was not being very selective about the group, and landed to the extremes of embarrassment. It is obnoxious and rude to be inconsiderate of the local customs and group dynamics. The ‘Lost in Love’ couple raised other’s eyebrow and invited discomfort for the entire group.


    If you’re ready to take a travel plunge, India is the ultimate country. A unique blend of diverse cultures, customs & traditions. To enjoy a destination, one should be flexible enough to learn culture, appreciate & conform to them as far as possible.

    2. Prefers regional language over common language

    left out.jpg
    Via- Google Image

    Trust me it feels like you’re back to those school days where you were being tortured and bullied for being the odd one. (Damn you’re odd, because you don’t understand the local language! Phew)

    It’s quite an unfriendly gesture if a part of the group interacts in regional language and ignore others. When you go somewhere as a group, this is the minimal expectation to involve every single individual in the conversation and group activity.

    3. Unhygienic Individuals

    How supportive you would be if someone put up his/her feet up against your face or pass gas or burp in your face?  Such unhygienic people often unnerve others.


    via- giphy.com                                                           

    4.  Those who keep saying ‘NO’ to everything!

    via- giphy.com

    This is quite a helpless feel, when you want to climb on mountains and witness the spectacular sunrise, but what all you can do is to dream about it. Deep Sigh!

    Yes, if the group is not equally enthusiastic about the adventurous trek, sightseeing, and wildlife photography as you are, be assured, you would be regretting this group trip.

    I wonder if we go to the hill station for just clicking selfies and selfies!

    5.  Selfie Addict!

    This is the set of people in the group who start clicking selfies from morning tea, pout selfie, burger selfie, cuddling selfie and what not!

    Bitch Please!

    Via giffy.com

    6. ‘Click my Photograph’ Please! 

    There is this set of self obsessed people who doesn’t leave any stone un-turned to get their snaps in different poses.

    I wonder, why don’t they sit at home and stare at the mirror and click million of pics for every second?

    Leave landscape, wildlife & adventure photography, all you get to do with such group is clicking their pics and then, more pics…


    7. Chronic Complainers



    These people keep complaining about anything and everything, so be it the in-flight meal, window seat, water bottle, tissue paper…You name it and they will have a list of complaints!

    They keep bothering every other traveler in the group with their issues and complaints and you’ve only one way, either to hear their issues or punch them in the face. 😛

    Well, my recent trip to Sakaleshpur changed my idea about group trip, one needs to be really selective about the group.

    I’m sure, many of you have experienced the same and have similar stories. Share your experience and help me to create a comprehensive list of such traits  as it may help those who are planning a group trip! Hope, we can save them from regretting later. 




  • Reply Deepak Acharya July 11, 2016 at 8:47 am

    You nailed it 🙂

  • Reply The Untourists August 1, 2016 at 3:34 am

    Amongst all these, I get most annoyed by the selfie addicts and continuous ‘please take my photo’ ones.

    • Reply Travelholicyou August 2, 2016 at 4:43 am

      Yes, absolutely. This bunch is always obsessed about their looks. 😛

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