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    10 Perfect Indian Destinations for your BFF’s Bachelorette Party!

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    Are you planning your BFF’s Bachelorette trip in India?

    Well, that’s a great news!

    Now, as she (BFF) is ready to tie knot with her ‘Prince Charming‘ & step into a new life; it is indeed a great idea to gift her some precious moments that she could never forget.

    As one of my best girlfriends is gettin’ married soon, I was so busy to do my research to find some great places in India for her Bachelorette. Meanwhile, the idea struck to me, why not to share these places with you all! May be, this can help you to plan your besties’ Bachelorette too.

    Here, I would help you to spot 10 most women-friendly, fun filled destinations in India for your BFF’s Bachelorette Party. Trust me, there are some kick-ass places within India so if you are particular about budget, go for any of these mentioned places. These are a set of beautiful, budget-friendly, women friendly & fun filled places, apt for a Bachelorette party!

    So, here the list goes- 

    1. Nashik, Sula Vineyard:
    sula vineyard
    Pic courtesy- Sula Vineyards

    Here comes the season for you girls to book the tickets for SulaFest, Nashik & celebrate your BFF’s fondness for brilliant wine & fashion. It’s a 2 day fest where the troop of your girls can enjoy some great music, shopping, wine & night parties.

    Check out the details, here

    Camp out with your girls at night (You can spend nights under the sky, counting stars with your girls), & chill out with a glass of sparkling wine in the pool during day time… doesn’t it feel perfect for a Bachelorette Celebration!

    ‘ Some fine wine along with mouth watering food could dissipate all her pre-wedding stress & gives her some unforgettable moments for lifetime. ‘ 

    2. A Trip to the Western Ghats

    Is she a nature-lover? 

    NOTHING can be better than exploring “WESTERN GHATS” ~ Mark my words!

    Go for a road trip with your girls, explore the Western ghats. Here your eyes would taste the beauty of nature every second.

    western ghatImage Credit: Pinterest

    The western ghat of India is also popularly known as Sahyadri Hills, has a series of mountains traverse the State of Kerela, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra & Gujarat.

    The Western Ghats of India have a rich & a distinct assemblage of Flora & fauna. This is an absolute place for your Bff if she is a nature lover & adventurous enough to take a plunge on long road trips to experience the scenic beauty. I am sure, you would love to go for hiking & trekking after seeing the Western Ghats.

    Sit back, laugh, giggle, dance…Do what your heart yearns to do!


    3. Puducherry: Stroll on the beach while enjoying the French Architecture with your gang!

    Image Source: Foursquare.com

    If your gang is looking for some silent & peaceful time amidst the natural beauty, this is the place for you! 

    “Put on a beautiful attire, rent either bicycles or colourful scooties, & roam around the city at your leisure.”

    Spend some laid back time at Puducherry; where you can catch the glimpse of early sunrise, walk around the French Colony, appreciate the French colonial architecture, hop on lovely cafes & taste some great homemade wine & bakery stuffs with your girls.

    morning french colony
    Had a fun filled & peaceful walk at French Colony.

    The Beach, the cafes, the serene sunrise & the city will surely make your trip unforgettable for you & your girls.

    To know more about Puducherry & the activities you can indulge in,
    click here.

     4. Kasol- Reconnect with your girls amid the cold weather & hot coffee.

    Would you like to try hippie lifestyle & pot smoking with your girls? Sounds exciting!

    Well, this must be in your bucket list for a while. High time for you to strike off this place from your list while celebrating the Bachelorette of your Bff.

    Image Credit: theoktravel.com

    Go for a long walk to Malana, Manikaran, Tosh or trek to  Kheerganga to take a dip in hot spring water. Indulge in late night parties, pot smoking culture (just for a change or I may say to experience the culture!), & lazy walk by the sides of Parvati river. (Trust me, nothing could be better than sitting in a cafe with hot chocolate coffee and listen to the gush of Parvati river!)

    I am sure, you are already imaging the heavenly Kasol in your mind! So, what are you waiting for?

    kasolImage Credit: Padharo.com

    5. Andaman & Nicobar

    Sunbathe, Seafood, Water sports, Bikini, Chilled beer & cocktails! Doesn’t it sound pretty luring to you?

    Walk on the pristine beaches of Andaman & Nicobar, take a scuba diving course, boast about underwater diving & flaunt your scuba diving gears to anyone & everyone!

    In case, you are planning for a private party with your girls, head to Govindnagar Beach. This is one of the best among all the beaches in the Havelocks Island for private parties.

    trendsfrnd.com.jpgImage Credit: www.trendsfrnd.com

    Well, don’t forget to carry sunscreen, cool & stylish shades, bikini or swimsuit, hat & some appetite for seafood.

    6. Goa: A place to drink, dance, flaunt & a massage retreat for you & your BFF!

    They say, ” What happens in Goa, stays in Goa!”.

    This is the most well known & famous destination for Bachelors & Bachelorette parties. Goa is all about fun, vibrance, pulsating beach parties & sunbathe.

    GoaImage Source: www.travelengine.in

    Don’t choose the crowded areas of Goa. You can ditch the crowd by heading directly to some eco-friendly resort at South-Goa. Things you would surely enjoy in Goa would be : Tantalizing seafood, chilled beer, water sports, bask in the sun, lazy evening walk & Ayurveda massage & yoga retreat.

    In case, you are looking for some game!…

    Yes, Goa is one of the few cities in India, where gambling is legal. To try your luck in gambling; head to the Mandovi River. Here, you will find many casinos on the boat as well as onshore in some upmarket hotels.

    7. Bangalore: A city popular for its nightlife culture.

    This is the city for nightlife lovers. This is the city which offers you vibrance & peace at a time!

    In case you are looking forward for some pub-hopping kind of vacation, then I would suggest you to start a day with a nice jogging, pamper yourself at one of the many wonderful spas or Ayurveda massage centers, relish some palette tantalizing cuisine, shop a stylish outfit, & go for pub hopping or a night party.

    Image Source: citiviu.com

    For an off beaten vacation in Bangalore: Book your stay at one of the many resorts on the outskirts of Bangalore, indulge in Wine tasting sessions at Grover Vineyards, go for a weekend drive as there are many options available near Bangalore such as Nandi HillsMadikeri, Kushal Nagar & etcetera.

    8. Udaipur

    This city has rightly earned sobriquets, as ‘Venice of East’ and ‘White City’. This is the city of magnificence & opulence; home of rich history & culture, soaked in lakes, scenic beauty & traditional art & craft.

    Image Source: www.indovacation.net

    This, may be the perfect time & reason to hit Udaipur. Here you have desert safari, temple, palace, lake, royal treatment & friendly hosts. For a shopaholic gang, you can indulge in shopping of traditional items & crafts. You can spot some brilliant craft work in Jutis, Mojris, Jhumkaas, and Silver crafted ornaments at affordable rate.

    Shopping traditional handwork would be an ideal for the wedding!

    Must watch places would be: Lake Palace, City Palace, Lake Pichola, Ahar Museum, Sajjan Garh/ Monsoon Palace, & Sunset Point

    9. Tawang: The Ethereal beauty of North-East

    tawang travelspeak.in Image Source: www.travelspeak.in

    Lose your senses & your worries… this place is so BEAUTIFUL & SCENIC that you will find it hard to believe that you are standing on one of the most beautiful places of India.

    Words cannot describe the thrill & the tranquility, you are going to experience here. Picturesque valleys, misty rivers and magnificent waterfalls in this scenic district will be an ultimate experience for you girls. Make sure you visit: Sela Pass, Twang Monastery, Gorichen Peak, Taktsang Gompa, & Nuranang waterfall. 

    10. Kashid Beach: Amidst the mesmerizing Arabian Sea

    kashid_beach trekearth.jpg
    Image Source: www.trekearth.com

    I’ve been to many beaches, but nothing touched me more than this. This beach is famous for its Mumbai-Pune weekenders. If your gang wants some action & adventure of water sports, go to Kashid on weekend & tap your thrilling feet to the music of the waves.

    And, if your gang wants some moment to cheer those years of togetherness with some chilled beer on the beach (not much crowded though! …), then extend your trip for a few days & stay here on a weekday. It is so quite & peaceful on weekdays.

    To know more about Kashid, read here.

    So, the wedding season is here. Get ready to cheer up your BFF as it would a BIG DAY for her & you too!

    Let me know if you have some other destinations in mind for a perfect Bachelorette Party?I would be glad to see the added up list! 😀

    Hail to the friendship. Hail to her new life!


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    That’s a brilliant account. I know SULA vineyard is quite popular but overhyped in my opinion. I found UB’s vineyard in Baramati much interesting than SULA. But no doubt, SULA has broken the code of attracting lot of folks, whereas US has restricted the access.

    • Reply Travelholicyou January 22, 2016 at 7:11 am

      Thanks for the information 🙂
      I think, I need to head to UB’s vineyard soon. Though, I really loved SULA vineyard & its food. Therefore, it always stays on my list! 🙂

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